Guildford Cathedral Abseil 10 June 2017

  • Date:                                                10th June 2017Guildford_Cathedral-300x272
  • Location:                                         Guildford Cathedral, Surrey
  • Registration Fee:                            £25
  • Minimum Sponsorship:               £250
  • Distance:                                         160ft

Event Description:

Take on a new and exciting challenge in the heart of Surrey whilst supporting the vulnerable young people Eikon work with!

This exciting challenge involves climbing Guildford Cathedrals spiral staircase (that’s 249 steps!), and experiencing the amazing panoramic views of Guildford before making a dizzy decent!

Who: Anyone and everybody can get involved in this charity fundraiser, providing you promise to do all you can to smash your individual £250 fundraising target! We have 48 spaces available, and they are sure to fill up fast.

Why should you get involved? Because YOU can make a difference to the lives of vulnerable young people in Surrey! Use your spare day in 2017 for the greater good, and make a real impact on the lives of at-risk young people who rely on Eikon’s support to divert away from crisis.

How can you get involved? It’s simple, fill in an entry form and send to our fundraising team today at

What do you get from being involved?

  • The most important gain has to be the satisfaction of knowing you have done something amazing
  • You’ll have a fantastic day out, and an experience unlike any other (how many people do you know can say they have abseiled down Guildford Cathedral?!)
  • Part of a business? Let us know, and we will advertise your businesses involvement on our social media, website and through any press releases!
  • A dedicated Eikon fundraiser to lend a helping hand to make sure you can really go the extra mile with your fundraising
  • A fundraising pack (because it is really useful and very important!)
  • Your own cheering squad to keep you going on the big day! (Your friends & family can come along too!)
  • Something to write home about!

Does it cost?

The only money you will have to part with is a small registration fee of £25 as your way of securing your place. Apart from that, the only money involved is your fundraising; whereby you will call on your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and dog-walkers to support you in smashing your £250 sponsorship target.

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